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Unittool Tube,Horizontal, and Channel Punching Units


Tube Piercing Units Model TP 1 1/2
Model "TP-1 1/2"
Tube Piercing Units-Unittool's low cost,two piece tube piercing units were designed to pierce up to 1/2"(12.7 mm) diameter holes in round tubing from 1/2"(12.7 mm) through 2 3/8"(60.3 mm) diameters-3/4"(19 mm) through 1 1/4"(31.8 mm) square tubing, and rectangular tubing up to 1 1/4"(31.8 mm) cross sections.

The amount of distortion around the hole,where the punch enters,will vary according to the size of the tube and the size of the perforated hole.The depression will appear where each punch enters.If it is desirable to punch one side only-merely omit the punch from one punch assembly.If it is desirable to have the depression on one side only- See Model "TP-2" type unit,that will punch through both tubing walls from one direction.

Special units for larger tubing or larger hole sizes are available upon request!

Tube Piercing UnitsModel "TP-2"
Tube Piercing Units-Unittool's "TP-2" tube piercing units are self contained and self aligned with nothing attached to the ram of the press.Setups can be made quickly on a base plate,template,or tee-slotted plate.The 3/8"(9.5 mm) pilot pins in the bottom of the unit are used for accurately locating the units on a template or base plate.

Distortion around the hole appears only on one side of the tube.The amount of distortion around the hole,where the punch tip enters,will vary. For depression on each side of the tube that may be desirable,see Model"TP-1 1/2" Unit.

Tube Piercing UnitsModel "HCP"
Heavy Duty Channel Punch Units-Standard round or shaped hole units are especially designed to punch up to 5/8"(15.9 mm) diameter holes in 3"(76.2 mm) and 4"(101.6 mm ) structural channel and up to 13/16"(20.6 mm) diameter holes in 5"(127 mm ) and 6" (152.4 mm) structural channel.The face of the die buttons are ground at the same angle as the taper on the channel flange.The surface of the die button is ground smooth,however,the face of the die can be serrated to prevent the channel from drifting prior to the punch entering the material.The smooth face die generally works out satisfactorily.

Tube Piercing Units Model HZPModel "HZP"
Horizontal Punch Units-Horizontal Punching Units are designed for perforating round and shaped holes in flanges,angles,boxes and other formed parts.The cam action of this tool makes it possible to use this unit in a press brake or punch press without special attachments.The 3/8"(9.5 mm) pilot pin in the base of the unit can be used to accurately locate the tooling on the template in a straight line or scattered hole pattern.Standard punches,dies,guides,springs,etc... are readily available from our large inventory.

Our engineering service is available to help you solve your production needs.

Send your drawing or sample part for a quotation or ask for a Unittool representative to call at your plant!