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Unittool's Medium-Duty Series Punching Units Model M Hydraulic Punching and Notching Systems
Unittool "M" Series Punching Units

Medium Duty C-Frames

5 1/2" (139.7 mm) Shut Height / 2 19/32" (65.9 mm) Die Height

Punch Size Range: .093 (2.4 mm) up to 5.000 (127 mm)
Capacity up to 10 (3.4 mm) gauge mild steel

Unittool's Medium-Duty Series Punching Units
are designed for use in press equipment with limited die space.The power packed stripping guide assembly produces maximum stripping pressure in a compact space to permit punching larger holes on close hole centers.The die section is designed for maximum strength to prevent die "tip over" sometimes caused by two piece construction.Throat Depth range from 4 1/2"(114.3 mm) up to 24 5/8 (625.5 mm).

Unittool's punch and head assembly design makes it possible to shim up the punch to a new length after excessive sharpening.Operating with short punches,over works the springs and causes excessive breakage.Replacement punches can be ordered without the head for additional savings.

These units can also be altered for your special applications!

Model "FTM" - Medium Duty Feed Thru Units
are also available and designed to feed the material through from the front or back of press.