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Unittool "H" Series Punching Units

Heavy Duty C-Frames Punching Units

Unittool's Heavy Duty Series Punching Units
are designed for rugged punching operations.The Heavy Duty units can be furnished for either round or shaped hole punching.The base of the holders contains pilot pins for location.Throat Depth range from 4 5/8"(117.5 mm) to 24 5/8"(625.5 mm).

For your special applications,the punches, dies, holders, and components can be altered to satisfy your hole punching requirements!

8 3/8" (212.7 mm) Shut Height / 3 1/2" (88.9 mm) Die Height

Punch Size Range: .093 (2.4 mm) up to 5.000 (127 mm)Capacity up to 3/4"(19 mm) thick mild steel with HH-3 unit

Model "H" Punching Unit
This popular unit will serve most applications.This unit is low in cost with inexpensive die buttons.

Model "H" Punching Unit
Designed with a pedestal die section to allow die to be "ground away"(if necessary)in order to punch close to an inside leg of an angle or other obstructions.The pedestal die can be rotated 360 degrees(round hole only) in order to direct slug ejection chute in any desired direction.

Model "HA" Punching Unit
The "C"-Frame holder in this model is the same holder used in the Model"HP" unit.The use of a die button adapter allows the use of inexpensive die button replacement.

Model "HH" Punching Unit
The HH series of holders are Extra Heavy-Duty in design to handle mild steel up to 1/2" (12.7 mm) thick.

Model "HH-3" Punching Unit
This unit has the capacity of punching holes in material up to 3/4" (19 mm) thick mild steel.

Model "HFT" Punching Unit
Heavy duty feed thru punching units are designed to feed the material through from the front or back of press.

Light Duty C-frames Medium Duty C-frames

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